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Plant List

Pre Press

12 Apple Macintosh Power Macs. (G5’s)
Intel-Running Snow Leopard with CS5 loaded
Epsom 9900 Spectroproofer
Agfa Apogee 7 Automate Workflow
Agfa Avalon VLF CTP (Computer To Plate) x 2
Linotype Circon A3 Flatbed Scanner
Epsom 9800 Ultrachrome Pro
Proditec Direct To Plate Projection System
4x Magnification to 15.3x


Durst Rho P10 250
Agfa Theime M-Press Tiger
UV Flat bed Digital Printer with inline screen unit
Maximum Print Area 2600mm x 1600mm
Agfa Theime M-Press Leopard
UV Flat bed Digital Printer
Maximum Print Area 2600mm x 1600mm
Turbo Jet HPTJ8300
Industrial speed solvent printer 400 square meters per hour
Maximum print width 1600mm x 3700mm
H.P. 5300 Large Format UV Printer
Maximum Print Width 5000mm
Vutek UltraVu 3300 Large Format Printer. Maximum Print Width 3000mm
Esko Konsberg 1-xp 24 cutting table
Maximum sheet size 3200mm x 1700mm
Weldmaster 112 Extreme Hot Air Welder 13500mm


KBA Rapida 105 6 Colour
Maximum Print Area 710mm x 1030mm with CIP3
Remote Interface
Alcohol Free
KBA Rapida 162A 5 Colour
Maximum Print Area 1190mm x 1620mm with CIP3
Remote Interface
Maximum Stock Thickness 1.2mm
Alcohol Free
Man Roland R905-8 5 Colour with CIP 3 Remote Interface
Maximum Print Area 1290mm x 1850mm
Maximum Stock Thickness 1.2mm
Alcohol Free
Bush Fully Automated Stack Turner
Maximum Sheet Size 2000mm x 1300mm


Fully Automated Theime 5070 Flat bed
Maximum Print Area 2600mm x 1600mm
UV Drier
Handbench Flat bed
Maximum Sheet Size 1829mm x 1229mm


Redline BF2100 Auto Die Cutting Machine. Maximum Sheet size 1500mm x 2120mm
Goldline Die Cutting Machine. Maximum Sheet Size 2200mm x 1600mm
Cauhe Guillotine – Fully Computerised. Maximum Sheet Size 3660mm x 3660mm
Como 220 Guillotine – Fully Computerised
Wholenberg 168 Guillotine – Fully Computerised
Polar 76EM Guillotine
Viking VK 1650 Platen
Crosland TXA Platen. Maximum Size 812mm x 1080mm
Lamina Fully Automatic Laminating Machine
Maximum Sheet Size 1600mm x 2000mm
Stahl T49 Folder
Maximum Size SRA2
Adpack AD870FA Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine
Size 870mm x 620mm.
Full range of Hand Finishing, Collating and Packing

Cardboard Finishing

Kasemake Cad tables x2
KM626A 1600 x 2500
KM602A 1580 x 2220
Running Kasemake software Version 10.00

To download our plant list please click on the link below

   SMP Plant List 2014