Brand Alive – Light Movement Lightbox

Brand Alive – Light Movement Lightbox combines illuminated light animation and fabric graphics, bringing static images to life.

Welcoming a cost-effective alternative to digital screens, Brand Alive – Light Movement Lightboxes demand attention using striking image animation using LED light sequencing.

How it works
Built using strong aluminium modular frames and LED light grids, Light Movement Lightboxes can be created at any size to fit with your display requirements, as a freestanding or wall-mounted solution.

LED lights behind the fabric graphic are programmed via USB to perform a unique sequence of light patterns, highlighting specific areas of your image and creating visual animation. What happens when you change your campaign? No problem - the light sequence can be easily updated and reprogrammed.

Tension fabric graphics are used to create the image display of the lightbox. Fabric graphics come with a wealth of benefits, including the ability to create seamless graphic presentations fast, ease of installation and quick removal to change graphic presentation.

Brand Alive – Light Movement Lightboxes for Retail Display
Ideal for use within shop windows, as part of a visual merchandising display or to create impactful point of sale.

Brand Alive – Light Movement Lightboxes for Exhibitions & Event Display
Integrate as part of your exhibition stand design or event display.


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