Modular Exhibition Stands

Quadra - Exclusive to the SMP Group.

Quadra is a modular exhibition system that is completely exclusive to SMP Group. A system designed to bridge the gap between traditional pop-up stands and complex custom builds, Quadra is a unique cost-effective solution that carries with it a wealth of customizable benefits.

Unlike other modular exhibition stand systems, Quadra offers the ability to illuminate the system frame internally, creating a bright, eye-catching solution that will be sure to get your brand noticed across a busy exhibition hall or venue. Illumination can also be pantone colour customized to fit with your campaign or brand, with the use of opaque acrylic panels inserted into the system.

Designed to fit within a shell scheme or as a freestanding space only display, Quadra is completely scalable, allowing the flexibility to create an exhibition stand design that is right for your brand. Built using high quality aluminium, the system is strong and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, whilst remaining flexible in design and construction capability.

Graphics are printed to foam board panels and then simply inserted into the modular frame with ease. Visual presentations can also be single or double sided to suit your requirements.

Display accessories can also be integrated into any display such as digital screens, acrylic panels or even slat-wall panels for merchandising or literature displays.

Quadra’s sustainable benefits

  • As a modular system, Quadra is reusable, and can be used time and time again at different events.
  • It’s also incredibly versatile, so it can be adapted in shape and size to suit a wide range of requirements.
  • Designed in aluminium, the system is also 100% recyclable.

Here's some of our recent Modular Exhibition Stands...

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