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5 Reasons to choose Double Decker Exhibition Stands

Posted by Sarah Davis on Mar 5, 2018 11:31:04 AM

With double decker exhibition stands, the possibilities are endless. Creating a display over two-levels can bring a number of benefits to any exhibitor.

So if you find yourself reading this, you’ve made the decision to exhibit at an upcoming event, now begins the real task… Making sure that you maximise the opportunity and make your exhibition stand really work for you.

From increasing valuable stand space and increasing the branding opportunity on your display, we’ve rounded up the Top 5 reasons a Double Decker Exhibition stand could be for you…

5 Reasons to choose Double Decker Exhibition Stands

We’re often asked by our clients how they can maximise the space and branding opportunity of their exhibition stand display.

So, what if we told you that you could potentially double the sqm space and also increase the visual branding at your next event?

A Double Decker exhibition stand could be the perfect solution! Here's why... 

  • 1. Fast installation
    Built using modular stand parts, double decker stands are actually significantly quicker to install than you might expect.
  • 2. Increase your exhibition stand space & visual branding opportunity
    Adding a top level to your stand not only increases your stand space, but it also brings further opportunities for branding and promoting your products or services to show visitors. 
  • 3. Create private meeting spaces, product demonstration areas or VIP lounges
    Private meeting areas away from the busy show-floor can easily be incorporated into your stand design. The added bonus – by putting these on the upper deck of your stand means that you’re not losing any space or branding from the lower level.
    Product demonstrations are great to hold on an exhibition stand as you know that there are a number of visitors attending the event that are interested in your brand, product or service. You could even setup demonstrations at a specific time during the event and invite visitors, utilising the space upstairs for a product workshop whilst not disturbing the main function of the show-floor.
  • 4. Green alternative to Custom Build
    Modular stands are ultimately reusable, so if sustainability is on your wish-list for an exhibition stand display, then a double decker could fit the bill.

    If you’re a regular exhibitor, a double decker stand could be used time and time again at multiple events, with a simple change of graphics should you wish.
  • 5. Uncomplicated in Design, Planning & Construction
    Often classed as a temporary structure, or temporary build it’s possible that a double decker stand is required to comply with building regulations.
    But, before we scare you off - we’ve got plenty of experience in the ‘technical’ so we can look after the paperwork, planning and health & safety for you.



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