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Green Exhibition Stands (Not the colour!) – All You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Modular Exhibition Stands!

Posted by Saskia Marsh on Apr 1, 2019 11:13:09 AM

Last year, London saw 1.3million business events – that’s 3562 events every day! So, can you imagine how much waste was produced in just one day in London alone?

With events and exhibition stands being dismantled and disposed of as quickly as they are put up, an exhibition stand has an incredibly short lifespan, which ends in landfill or as part of a very large bonfire! In 2018, 100,000 tonnes of waste were either burned or put in landfill.


So, what can we do in an industry that is waste heavy in order to help the environment?

Continue reading to find out…


The answer? Modular Exhibition Stands!


OK, we know what you’re thinking… Modular exhibition stands are boxy, ugly and will not stand out in an exhibition hall, right?


WRONG! Modular Exhibition Stands are being constantly developed and can now give you the look and feel of a custom build design! But wait for the best bit, it comes without the custom build price tag too! So, not only is this environmentally friendly option less costly for the planet, but also your wallet!


Modular exhibition stands can be straight, curved, long, short… you name it, we can create it. It’s time for you to test the boundaries of modular! Because if we’re honest, we can’t find any!


So what about the graphics?...

Modular stands typically use fabric graphics. Fabric graphics are reusable as they have a silicone –welt edge that simply pushes into the profile of your modular build, so you can use them as many times as you would like!


Modular Exhibition Stands also allow for you to remain current within the exhibition world and incorporate trending displays such as LED Light Boxes. Not only do Light Boxes look great and help your stand shine bright from your competitors, but they are also eco-friendly! Our light boxes use LED bulbs, instead of halogen and also utilise reusable fabric graphics!


Could you help to reduce waste in the exhibition industry by going green and picking modular exhibitions stands for your next event? Talk to us and we can show you how…



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